Who We Are

What We Do

DCDM Research is a Mauritius-based market and social research company that provides research solutions to clients in more than 20 countries across Africa and the Indian Ocean.

Blending multi-sector insight with relevant local knowledge, we deliver research solutions that are relevant, practical and performance-driven.

Our bilingual ability - French and English - and natural capacity to work across cultures and contexts have helped us develop a solid understanding of African markets across a vast spectrum of industries.

With our experience, reach and logistics, we are today also recognised for our proven ability to deliver on large transnational surveys where familiarity with local environments, reliability and control are success critical.

Driven by service excellence, we aim to be flexible and down-to-earth, in essence solutions-driven.

Our passion, commitment and innovative thinking have earned us the trust of a strong and diverse client base, from small and medium-sized local companies to large multinationals,  Government agencies and NGOs to international organisations active in this part of the world. We are also proud to be the long-trusted research partner in the region for a number of renowned international brands.

DCDM Research in a nutshell
  • Founded in 1989
  • In-house team of 60 full time multidisciplinary employees
  • 6 Project Managers
  • Over 1,500 projects conducted as at date
  • On average per year, about 80,000 questionnaires and 100 focus groups handled
  • Active in 22 countries in the Indian Ocean islands and Africa