Critical to the success of our projects are the different teams, other than the project management team, that are leveraged to deliver research our clients can trust.

Field team

Over the years we have built strong and experienced pools of surveyors, telephone interviewers and supervisors in
many countries. This guarantees direct and full control of field work under the supervision of an in-house field
manager, thus optimal conditions for the gathering of reliable survey data.

Our interviewers have all been trained by us and benefit furthermore from the continuous training programme we have
in place to ensure they keep abreast of new knowledge and technology. Besides being fluent in English and/or French, they are highly flexible, readily available and mobile, which allows us to deploy large surveys of 10,000+ respondents smoothly and cost-effectively.

We also have partners in several countries to which we entrust fieldwork when more practical to do so.

Our focus groups are conducted by in-house consultants who are also experienced in in-depth personal interviewing.

Call Centre

We have set up centrally-managed call centre operations at our headquarters in Mauritius to monitor large telephone surveys in a cost-efficient manner. Our call centre operators also carry out mandatory post-field control checks on respondents for all surveys that we undertake.

Data team

The data team is centrally located in our Mauritius headquarters. Fully integrated, it carries out all the required tasks of questionnaire editing and coding, double data entry, data cleaning and conversion, through to processing.

Our data team members are highly conversant with the use of statistical packages and benefit from continuous training in statistical tools.